Familiehuis Nunspeet
Artists village

Artist's Village Nunspeet

Around park: 3km

Visit Artist's Village Nunspeet! Visit the North Veluwe Museum, discover local folklore and follow the bicycle route 'Uit de Kunst'! You won't be bored for a second.

The heart of the Veluwe, that's what Nunspeet is! Nunspeet's inhabitants are proud of their municipality, and that much is clear as soon as you discover the villages of Nunspeet, Elspeet, Vierhouten and Hulhorst. These little villages offer cozy town squares with terraces, atmospheric shops and lots of greenery. Discover the municipality of Nunspeet on foot or during a great bicycle trip, you won't run out of beautiful sights to enjoy.

Nunspeet Uit de Kunst

Nunspeet is a true Artist's village, where everyone who is a fan of art, nature and culture will find what they need. Nunspeet is known as an Artist's village after the 19th century saw the rise of a group of artists here, artists who painted in the open air and were very skilled at immortalizing the beautiful Veluwe landscape on canvas. These paintings became quite popular, both within the country and abroad. When staying at Familiehuis Nunspeet, don't miss out on a visit to the North Veluwe Museum. Here you'll find works on display by artists who lived in Nunspeet themselves as well as in the beautiful surrounding area of the Veluwe, including the Veluwe Lake. Would you like to take a piece of Nunspeet art home with you? In that case, visit art manifestation 'Artistic Nunspeet', where you can view paintings, ceramics, jewelry and graphic art. Looking for the true nature of Nunspeet? Visit Eibertjesdag where folklore is displayed by means of authentic clothing, old crafts and a great market. When it comes to culture Nunspeet is quite vibrant as well, offering an extensive program including cabaret, music, dance and theater.

Bicycle route ‘Uit de Kunst’

The area of Nunspeet offers many hiking& bicycle routes through the Veluwe. Explore the four centers of the municipality of Nunspeet during the 'Viertinten route'. The most beautiful route however, is the bicycle route 'Uit de Kunst'. This 45 kilometer bicycle route will take you through green forests, heathlands and farms. On the way you'll discover the story of the artists who have created the beautiful paintings on display in the North Veluwe Museum. Stop along the way to visit the artists' homes or the sites that inspired them to create their paintings. Along the route you'll find panels featuring interesting stories about these artists.

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