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General Terms and Conditions

Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet


1. RESERVATION 1.0 Reservations can be made via or by phone via the park. 1.1 Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet only accepts reservations from individuals 18 years and older.1.2 After the reservation, you will receive a written confirmation, which is your invoice as well, within 7 days. You should check these for accuracy. Any incorrect information should be disclosed at the latest, but no later than 10 days before the start of the stay. If you have not received confirmation of your reservation within 10 days, please contact Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet.

2. RATES 2.0 The prices in the brochures and on the website(s) of Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet are not binding. Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet reserves the right to change these rates. 2.1 You make your reservation at current prices and rates. The price stated on your confirmation, which is also your invoice, is binding.

3. PAYMENTS 3.0 You must pay the deposit as per your confirmation/invoice within 7 days of your reservation. The remaining amount must be paid 45 days prior to arrival. 3.1 In the case of online bookings, you pay the deposit upon confirmation of the reservation. 3.2 When booking within 14 to 5 days prior to arrival, you must pay the entire sum before arrival. 3.3 When booking within 4 days of arrival, payment must be made on arrival, either by cash or by debit card. 3.4 If you have made additional costs during your stay, they must be settled on the day of departure.

4. RESERVATION COSTS 4.0 The rates for booking an accommodation are exclusive of the reservation fee. 4.1 The reservation fee is €10.00 per booking.

5. MUNICIPAL TAX 5.0 The rates for renting an accommodation are exclusive of municipal taxes (tourist tax). The height of this tax is determined by the municipality of Nunspeet.

6. CANCELLATION 6.0 If you need to cancel unexpectedly, the following provisions apply for reservations at Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet: a) If canceled more than 4 weeks before your stay, you will be charged 25% of the total amount. b) If canceled more than 2 weeks before your stay, you will be charged 50% of the total amount. c) If canceled within 2 weeks before your stay, you will be charged the full amount. 6.1 You can insure yourself against these costs by taking part in our cancellation fund. Participation in the cancellation fund is entirely non-binding. 6.2 You can only participate in the cancellation fund if booked during booking your stay. 6.3 The costs amount to 6% of the entire travel sum, no administrative or policy costs are charged. 6.4 When participating in the cancellation fund, the full prepaid travel sum (excluding the cancellation fee) will be refunded to you if the main person or one of the participants is confronted with one of the following events: 1) in case of death, sudden illness, or accident 2) in case of early termination of your holiday due to the death of a first-degree relative 3) in case of early termination of the holiday due to fire, storm damage, or a lightning strike at home/household 4) involuntary unemployment of the main person, occurring after making the reservation 5) emergency relocation due to a medical cause, renovation, or change of workplace. Other events, not specifically mentioned, are not eligible for payment by the cancellation fund. 6.5 The cancellation fund runs from the date of participation until the day of departure at the Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet. In case of early termination of the holiday because of any of the reasons mentioned above, a percentage of the total travel sum (minus cancellation fee) will be refunded in proportion to the number of days not enjoyed. This is calculated from the day the accommodation was free. 6.6 Making a claim to the cancellation fund shall be made in writing with a third party statement showing evidence of the reasons stated.

7. DEPOSIT 7.0 After the stay in the accommodation, additional costs such as breakage, damage, access passes and/or keys that have not been handed in, additional cleaning costs, and damage to or loss of property belonging in or to the accommodation will be charged by invoice to the tenant. 7.1 The total amount of this invoice will be collected by means of a one-time direct debit of the tenant's bank account. 7.2 The tenant must fill in and sign a one-time direct debit agreement and deliver it to the reception before the stay in the accommodation. In the absence of this, the rental agreement may be considered as dissolved on the effective date.

8. YOUR STAY 8.0 You can arrive for your accommodation between 15:00 and 17:00 or as sooner or later as agreed upon with you. Reception should be notified of different arrival times in a timely manner. 8.1 Upon arrival you will receive information about the park, your accommodation and the reserved extras. 8.2 On your day of departure, you must leave your accommodation before 10:00. 8.3 The park reserves the right to carry out a final check from 09:00 in relation to the state and completeness of the accommodation. 8.4 On the day of departure you are required to hand in the access passes and/or keys, etc. 8.5 During your stay you are deemed to comply with the rules as set out in the park regulations. The park regulations are part of these Terms and Conditions. Violation of provisions in the General Terms or Park Regulations may result in the immediate removal from the park. 8.6 For complaints, you can visit the park's reception during your stay.

9. PETS 9.0 In a limited number of accommodations it is allowed to bring your dog(s) (max. 2 pets per accommodation). 9.1 You must indicate at the time of booking whether and how many pets you wish to bring; you will be charged extra per day, as this will involve additional cleaning. The costs for your pet(s) are listed on the rates list as well as on your confirmation/invoice. 9.2 It is not allowed to take your dog(s) out on the park. 9.3 You are obliged to keep your dog (s) leashed. 9.4 There are also pet-free accommodations.

10. CLEANING 10.0 If you do not find a clean accommodation on arrival, please do not hesitate to contact the reception directly. 10.1 After your departure, your accommodation will be cleaned. For this, you will be charged as specified on your confirmation/invoice.

11. LIABILITY 11.0 Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet accepts no liability for: 1) theft, loss or damage of any nature, during or due to a stay at the park or in the accommodation 2) failure of technical equipment or the closing or failure of facilities at the park or in the accommodation 3) information provided orally or telephone information 4) weather conditions 5) inconvenience or discomfort caused by third parties outside the responsibility of Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet 6) consequences of participation in activities of any kind in the park. 11.1 The tenant and co-tenants shall be liable for any loss or damage caused to Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet or third parties as a direct or indirect consequence of their stay, whether caused by their act or omission or by third parties on the park as well as any damage caused by any animal and/or matter they possess.

12. SUNDAY REST 12.0 There is no arrival/departure on Sundays. 12.1 On Sundays, no commercial activities and/or sales will be made of the facilities available on the park. 12.2 On the Sunday there will be no sale of chalets/recreation homes. 12.3 Sundays should be respected, therefore noise nuisance is not allowed. 12.4 On Sundays, no organized activities will take place such as football and volleyball matches, barbecues and other activities. 12.5 On Sundays, no maintenance and/or construction work may take place at the accommodations and/or gardens.

13. MISCELLANEOUS 13.0 Accommodation means a notary house or a chalet. 13.1 Main person refers to the person on whose name the reservation was made, one of the participants means all persons staying the same period as the main person in the accommodation and who are on the booking confirmation. 13.2 The contents of publications of Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet are subject to change. 13.3 There cannot be any rights derived from the the object, location or location number on your confirmation. 13.4 Recognizable (printing) errors and mistakes on the website, in brochures, advertisements and other publications of Holiday Park Familiehuis Nunspeet are not binding. 13.5 Damage and/or breakage to or in the accommodation itself or to the interior and/or inventory must be reported immediately to the reception. 13.6 Not all park facilities and amenities are open or accessible throughout the year. 13.7 The accommodations each have their own design. Changes in the design and execution of the land and its associated objects are explicitly reserved.