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The story of the North Veluwe

The Veluwe: more than the forest, but truly a summation of all villages, activities and areas, all on about 1 hour from Amsterdam

The municipalities and entrepreneurs have thought together about what distinguishes the offer in the various municipalities, and about the joint appeal. Three regional themes came forward: water, wild & nature, and outdoor sports. Supported by culture, history and culinary delights. For the next years, the task is to strengthen the tourist recreational offer from these themes. The story of the North Veluwe clarifies the power of the area, and it forms the base for further developments.

Nowhere else you will find an area that is so rich in contrasts. And these contrasts are precisely what makes this area so complete. The Veluwe is actually a unique sum of activities and possibilities.

On the Veluwe, it is not a matter of either or, but instead it offers you the chance for one. As a visitor, you can choose between a large range of activities and possibilities. You can do strenuous activities, but you can also relax. You can go on a cultural trip, but you can also go shopping. You can enjoy the nature and history that the Veluwe possesses. Stroll around a historical Hansa city, and marvel at a deer that crosses the road just in front of you, the next day.

Precisely this diversity is what makes the area unique. An area where craft is still in the nature of people. Not forced, or because they want to go back to the past, but ‘just’ like the entrepreneurs and locals have always done it here. You can taste this craft in the pure products that you buy or eat in the many restaurants in the Veluwe.

You can choose from all possibilities. Because of this, the Veluwe has something to offer to all generations. The elder couple makes a nice cycling trip, the group of friends push their boundaries on a mountain bike, and the children playfully learn about nature. You will enjoy the water, and drive back to your holiday home or camping through the meadows and the forests. You find yourself in another world.

The Veluwe: more than the forests, but really a sum of all villages, activities and areas, all on about 1 hour from Groningen, Amsterdam, Maastricht and Germany.