Vakantiepark Familiehuis Nunspeet | Aan het Veluwemeer

Kingfisher - small color spectacle

You can actually see the kingfisher throughout the year, at Holiday Park Family House Nunspeet.

However, because of its amazing bright blue with orange colour and its biotope, it fits to Summer perfectly well. You can find this special animal at the Bijsselse Beek, which runs alongside Holiday Park Family House Nunspeet to debouch in Lake Veluwe. There it can hunt for fishes, often from a branch that is just above the water. They also often skim over the water surface while calling, in that case you have the highest chance of seeing it. It will fly past you like a blue flash, because it can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. Kingfishers dig a hole in the steep shore to build their nests. After that, the courtship starts, where the male kingfisher gives a fish to the female. If she accepts it and eats it, the mating can begin. In this case, the woman's heart is through her stomach.