News coronavirus

Through this message, we would like to inform you about how we handle the announced measures related to the coronavirus. A situation like this requires solidarity and understanding, especially for those employed in vital or essential professions. Everyone has a responsibility when it comes to the spread of the virus, and to providing aid to those who need help. Therefore, this exceptional situation calls for flexibility and adaptability, regardless of the financial consequences. In our view, a situation like this also goes beyond that which is determined by law, or what can or cannot be insured.

Requests for cancellation

We are currently receiving a huge number of cancellation requests. The stance we take on this is that when guests request a cancellation, we will offer to reschedule the booking to another period. This is in accordance with the guidelines of sector organizations, the guarantee fund, and the policy of other rental parties. In doing so, we adhere to the following principles:

  • For now, we only process requests with an arrival before April 6th.
  • Rescheduling can only be done using the same accommodation at Familiehuis Nunspeet.
  • Rescheduling of the booking to another period can be done free of charge when possible.
  • In case the rental sum is higher for the new period, the guest will pay the difference.
  • No alteration charges will be charged at the moment.
  • We will keep an open mind to nuance in exceptional situations.
  • In case your arrival is after April 6th and you would like to cancel, the normal cancellation charges and administration charges apply.

In case the situation demands it and reality turns out to different than expected, we hope we can count on your understanding and cooperation. It goes without saying that we are following the developments closely and adhere to the advice of the State Institute for Public Health and the Environment. In case the date of April 6th gets moved to the future, we will adapt as well.

The current news related to the coronavirus can be found at:

In addition, and as usual, we ensure proper hygiene at Familiehuis Nunspeet. The virus is mainly transmitted through small droplets which get suspended in the air for a short time through coughing and sneezing. Those who don't show any symptoms are barely presenting a contamination risk. We are paying particularly close attention to:

- Cleaning the accommodation area, and the so-called "hand contact points" such as light switches, night stands and door handles/knobs are cleaned using professional products.

- Washing linen is done in a professional manner (temperature > 60 degrees), which means viruses will not survive.

In short: you will not run an increased risk of infection during your stay, and you will get to enjoy your stay free of worries.

We wish everyone the very best.

Familiehuis Nunspeet