New Corona measures December 2020

Nunspeet, 21 December 2021

Dear Familiehuis Nunspeet visitors,

Our Holiday Park is spacious and our holiday homes have a spacious yard, so you won't have to come into contact with other holiday guests. You are therefore welcome at Familiehuis Nunspeet. We have taken appropriate safety and hygiene measures at our holiday park. We ask that you follow these guidelines so that everyone has a carefree holiday.

The holiday fun begins on arrival!

To ensure that your arrival goes smoothly, we ask that you pay attention to the following:

  • When you come to check in, we ask you to disinfect your hands first. A maximum of 1 person is allowed to check in per reservation. A mask is required inside the reception building.
  • Max. 2 people are allowed in the reception building (excluding the staff)
  • Check-in, as per usual, is possible from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
  • Our staff keeps a distance of 1.5 meters at all times. We ask you to do the same so everyone can have a pleasant and safe stay.
  • Pay by card / contactless as much as possible.
  • With regard to receiving visitors during your stay, staff may give instructions that must be followed for your own safety and the safety of others. If you want to receive visitors, you must do this in consultation with the reception. (max. 2 people not from your own household, 4 people are allowed to visit during Christmas and New Year's Eve)

Questions regarding the reservation with an arrival date before 14 January 2020!

We are currently getting a lot of questions about the reservations. The coronavirus is not a recognized reason for canceling and having your money refunded. We understand that this can be very annoying.

Our position is that when guests request to cancel, we offer to reschedule the booking or issue a voucher that is valid for an indefinite amount of time. This is in line with the guidelines of industry associations, the guarantee fund, and the policy of other rental parties.

We adhere to the following principles:

  • We are currently only processing applications with an arrival date before 14 January 2022.
  • You can only reschedule for the same accommodation at Familiehuis Nunspeet.
  • You can reschedule the booking free of charge to another period if available.
  • If the rent for the new period is higher, the guest will pay the additional price.
  • No settlement will take place if the rental price for the new period turns out to be lower.
  • Change fees are currently not being charged.
  • If rescheduled, the normal cancellation rules no longer apply, you can only cancel at 100% cancellation costs.
  • Would you like to reschedule, but don't know the date yet? In consultation with us, you can also receive a voucher. You can use this voucher for a new reservation at a later moment to be determined by yourself.
  • If you booked through a tour operator, you should contact them.
  • We will take exceptional situations into consideration.
  • If you still want to cancel, the normal cancellation and administration costs apply.

Is your arrival after 14 January 2022?

  • You should await the development of the situation and initially assume that your holiday will go ahead. If the date turns out to be postponed once again by the government and RIVM, only then will the options listed above also apply to you.
  • If you still want to cancel, the normal cancellation and administration costs apply.

A situation like this calls for solidarity and understanding, especially for people who work in vital or essential professions. Everyone has a responsibility in preventing the spreading of the virus and providing help for those in need. This exceptional situation therefore calls for flexibility and adaptability.

Should the situation call for it and prove different than initially thought, we also hope for your understanding and cooperation. Of course, we closely follow the developments of the situation and adhere to the advice of the RIVM. If the date of January 14 is extended, we will also adapt.

Changing the reservation:

You can change the reservation to another date 4 weeks before arrival, the change costs are €35 per reservation. If you book for a new period, you will always pay the new rates that apply. If the new travel sum is lower, you will pay the existing travel sum. Changes made within 4 weeks before the arrival date will be subject to the normal cancellation costs.

Existing vouchers:

If you have a voucher, it can be exchanged when making a reservation. If your booking costs are lower than the voucher amount, the remaining amount will remain on your corona voucher. In case of a higher amount, you will, of course, have to pay extra. Our issued vouchers are valid indefinitely and transferable. Any remaining balance can only be used for a booking. Do you have any other questions about the corona voucher? Send an email to

What does the central government say:

Holiday locations in the Netherlands such as campsites, hotels, and holiday parks may be open. Have you booked a holiday accommodation in the Netherlands and do you want to cancel it? The possible costs for the booked location or the cancellation are to be paid by you.

Do you have to cancel this holiday due to corona measures? For example, because you have complaints that are similar to coronavirus symptoms? Then you will be advised to come to a solution in consultation with the rental agency. The government does not offer a cancellation scheme. You may be able to contact your cancellation insurer.

Rules for holidays in the Netherlands

  • Going on holiday or a weekend away in the Netherlands is allowed. Stay at your holiday address as much as possible.
  • You can rent group accommodations. The following applies: for a maximum of 2 people (with the exception of children up to and including 12 years of age) or a household.
  • Receive no more than 2 people per day (with the exception of children up to and including 12 years old). No more than 4 people per day are allowed to visit on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.
  • Avoid crowds en route and travel to your destination outside rush hour.
  • Limit outings and contact moments with others outside your household. Keep 1.5 meters of distance in all places. Outside outings are safer than indoor ones.
  • Avoid crowded places. You should preferably shop alone.
  • Stick to all basic rules.
  • In the event of complaints, you are advised not to leave the travel accommodation, to avoid coming into contact with others, and to be tested at the GGD or to take a self-test. Is the test positive? In that case, you have to quarantine. After a positive self-test, you always need to be tested at the GGD. Housemates/travelers must also quarantine, even if they have been vaccinated. People with complaints are not allowed to travel (only for testing).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: 0341-250851 or